Progressive Foam’s Tim Holt Receives ASTM Findley Award

Posted on April 16, 2014 within

Left to right: Dave Johnston (VSI), Tim Holt (Progressive Foam), James Galipeau (Chairman of D20)

The ASTM D20 Main Committee has jointly awarded Tim Holt and The Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) the Findley Award for their work on developing ASTM standard D7793 for insulated vinyl siding. ASTM D7793 was first published in July 2012, after a six-year period of development and balloting.

D7793 will help to insure that certain performance standards are met for a product to be considered insulated vinyl siding. Although there were previously standards for vinyl siding and EPS insulation, it soon became clear that additional coverage was needed for the performance characteristics unique to insulated vinyl siding as a combined product. Completion and publication of D7793 is key to establishing the technical credibility of insulated vinyl siding, and promoting its continued acceptance and growth in the marketplace.

The Findley Award has only been given three times previously, and is intended to recognize the use of ASTM standards to support innovative use of plastics. Tim officially received the award at the biannual ASTM meeting this month.?ASTM committee D20, which selected Tim as the award recipient, oversees 475 standards on plastics and has approximately 700 members.

A big congratulations goes out to Tim on receiving this award for his time and effort dedicated to developing the new standard.

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