Click here for the full supplementInsulated vinyl siding was recently featured in Qualified Remodeler’s Exterior Contractor supplement focusing on considerations for vinyl siding. Some of the topics covered in the supplement are “Vinyl Siding Quality Control”, “Curb Appeal with Confidence”, and “Siding that Saves Energy”. Check out this edition of Exterior Contractor below!

Siding that Saves Energy

As homeowners look to increase their home’s energy efficiency, many are turning to insulated siding. Insulated siding is vinyl siding engineered with rigid foam insulation integral to the panel. Insulated siding reduces thermal bridging, or heat loss, around studs and wall openings. It complies with the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code requirements for continuous insulation and can meet the requirements of various building energy-performance programs, including Energy Star Qualified Homes Version 3, which goes into effect this year.

To ensure insulated siding helps improve energy performance, proper installation is critical. Many insulated siding installation techniques are the same as those for vinyl siding, but there are a few specific techniques to keep in mind: <click here to read more>