Graphite Insulation More Energy-Efficient Than Traditional EPS

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In a previous post, we introduced our new Premium Series siding insulation products, made of graphite enhanced material to provide superior energy efficiency and a dark gray color. However, many people have wondered how graphite enhanced insulation actually works, and what makes it more energy-efficient.

The high-purity graphite particles integrated within the insulation beads reflects radiant heat and significantly improves insulation capability, providing up to 20% greater r-value than traditional white EPS of the same thickness.

The compelling advantage of graphite:
Higher insulation r-values than traditional EPS with the same amount of material

How Traditional EPS Insulation Works:

White EPS

Warm air always moves towards cold air. Insulation does not completely stop this movement of warmth, it simply slows it down. The more insulation can slow down this transfer, the more energy efficient it is and the higher r-value it has.

Any rigid foam, closed-cell insulation works because it creates small air pockets within each bead when formed.
Air trapped in these pockets is a poor conductor of heat,
and therefore slows down its transfer towards cooler air.

?R-value is the recognized numerical measure of the ability of an insulation product to restrict the flow of heat, and, therefore, to reduce energy costs.?

How Graphite Enhanced Insulation is Different

NeoporGraphite enhanced insulation works in the very same way as traditional insulation, with one major difference — high-purity graphite particles infused into the cell structure give it a reflective property and a distinctive dark gray color.

As radiant heat moves through graphite insulation, it reflects it hundreds of times, significantly slowing down the transfer of heat and making it more energy efficient!

Think of the heat transfer as a person walking on a path from point A to point B. Walking in a straight line (like traditional insulation) would be much faster than if the path took many twists and turns along the way (like graphite insulation).

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