HalfbackH20: Insulation for Maximum Moisture Management

HalfbackH20 is a general siding insulation product that not only insulates your home, but also provides an extreme level of?protection against bulk water that may accumulate on the sheathing surface.

How It WorksHalfbackH20 is a closed cell, rigid siding insulation with drainage grooves for enhanced moisture management. The grooves are built into the back of the insulation panels to allow bulk water to run down the wall. We call it “universal” because this sheathing can be installed under any new siding product, including vinyl siding, fiber cement, engineered wood, steel, brick, and cultured stone. HalfbackH2O is an excellent choice when moisture management is a top priority, such as:

  • Multi-story buildings, to ensure ?drainage from the top of the wall
  • Older home retrofits where components inside the wall are unknown
  • Any building application where moisture management is a concern
HalfbackH2O siding insulation is available in?Standard?(white) or
Premium?(graphite-enhanced), depending on the R-value desired.
3/4″ = R-2.3
1″ = R-3.3
1″  = R-4.0
1-1/4″ = R-5.0
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energy efficiency of Premium HalfbackH20

?HalfbackH2O: Case StudiesCheck out these case studies to see HalfbackH2O siding insulation projects that?achieved maximum moisture management with high permeability and R-values:

Shippensburg University


Mill Street Apartments


Residential Mold Remediation


" Lauren Marburger : ."