Four Ways Siding Insulation Can Help Make Your Home More Beautiful

Posted on October 24, 2012 within

You may be wondering how new siding can look even more beautiful simply by adding insulation behind it during installation. After all, isn’t insulation used to improve energy-efficiency, not enhance appearance? Luckily, insulation is no longer known just for its energy saving properties.

Sure, insulation still helps to keep heat where it belongs (inside in the winter and outside in the summer) to help lower your utility bills and make your home more comfortable, but it does so much more than that. Some features of insulation products can actually make your siding look better. When you make the investment to put new siding on your home, don’t you want it to look as good as it possibly can?

Here are four ways that siding insulation can help to make your new siding job look even better, depending on which insulation product you choose:

1.) Levels the Wall

Every home has inconsistencies in its exterior wall surfaces, whether from the house shifting and settling over time or aging building materials. When new siding is installed, it can sometimes follow these inconsistencies in the wall, causing your brand new siding to look wavy and uneven.

Thick foam insulation panels help to level out the wall, providing a consistent, stable base for siding insulation and creating a beautiful, straight appearance.

2.) Provides Installation Guidelines

Some siding insulation products, such as HalfbackH20, also feature special installation lines on the face of the panel. This allows the siding installers to easily align with the studs when nailing new siding, promoting accurate installation for the best appearance and durability possible.

3.) Features Built-In Installation Ridges
(for plank-style sidings)

Plank-style siding products like fiber cement and composite wood can be difficult to install, requiring frequent measuring, chalk lines and guesswork. Even the best installers can sometimes make mistakes, causing your new siding to not be perfect like you expect.

Some siding insulation products, such as FulbackFC or Linebacker, set up the perfect installation for your plank-style sidings by providing a perfect ledge for each plank to stop up against for nailing. These installation guides ensure that every course of siding lines up exactly where it should for a perfect, straight appearance.

4.) Allows for wide profiles and darker colors
(for vinyl siding)

Some siding insulation products, such as FullbackV for vinyl, are contoured to fill the gap between the siding and the wall. The insulation can be laminated to the siding during manufacturing, combining the two products to make insulated vinyl siding. When in this form, the insulation provides additional structural strength to the siding panel. This allows for the siding to come in wider profiles and darker colors that aren’t always possible with traditional siding.

Insulated vinyl siding (left) provides wider profiles with straighter lines, unlike traditional vinyl (right) which can curve

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