Behind the Scenes: Shape Molding Contoured Insulation

Posted on February 20, 2017 within

Watch Progressive Foam Mold Insulation Made

The traditional way to make siding insulation is to mold large, rectangular blocks, then use hot wires to cut the insulation into the contoured shape needed for the specific vinyl siding it will be paired with. This “wire cutting” process provides manufacturing flexibility, because many shapes can be cut from the same block, but it also produces scrap material. Thanks to manufacturing improvements, all of the scrap generated at PFT is now recycled back into other products. In 2003 that was not the case, so PFT began looking for other ways to produce the same pieces that could eliminate the scrap.

The process of shape molding not only produces zero scrap, but it also makes a finished product that is the most durable and flexible. In addition, it allows the manufacturing of parts with three dimensional properties, such as built in water management grooves, interlocking edges, etc.

Watch this video with Pat Culpepper, President of Progressive Foam, as he walks through the process of shape molding contoured insulation for use with vinyl siding.

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