3 Ways Siding Insulation Makes Your Home More Comfortable

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All across the nation we’re experiencing one of the hottest recorded summers, with excessive droughts, irreparable damage to crops and more. With the dog days of summer now upon us, you may find yourself spending more time inside to beat the heat. If you are spending more time indoors, you may be curious to learn that there are steps you can take to make the inside of your home even more comfortable. One option is adding rigid insulation to the exterior wall of your home, which can provide 3 major comfort-boosting benefits:

1.) More comfortable indoor temperatures (and lower energy bills!)

Have you found yourself adjusting the thermostat a few degrees to save a little energy, only to find you and your family lost a little physical comfort? With the addition of rigid insulation to the outside of your home?you are likely to keep your thermostat a little warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, without increasing your energy bill.

In the summer, exterior insulation works like a beverage koozie. It protects your drink from the hot temperatures, helping to keep it cooler, longer.

In the winter, exterior insulation?works like a comfortable fleece-lined windbreaker. It keeps your body heat inside the jacket, while providing protection from the cold outside air.

2.) Reduced warm and cold spots

Have you ever touched the sunny side of your home’s exterior on a summer afternoon? It’s not uncommon for the outside of your home to reach temperatures as high as 190??under these conditions, and this heat can transfer through the?walls of your home to the inside living space. This can create warmer spots in your home, despite having the air conditioning on. You can reduce warm and cold spots by adding exterior insulation to your home, wrapping it in an energy-conserving blanket of insulation.

3.) Dampened sounds from outside your home

Physical comfort isn’t the only benefit of adding more insulation to your home. Have you considered that your home could be quieter on the inside if you add a layer of insulation to the exterior??Adding a layer of insulation to the exterior of your house provides a quieter experience inside by dampening exterior noises from sources such as a barking dog, the neighbor’s lawnmower, a busy roadway and more.

Here is a great video of a couple that chose insulated siding
as their exterior insulation product and their opinion of the results:

John and Kim of Fairfax, Virginia

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