2013 EPS Recycling Report Released

Posted on September 11, 2014 within

The EPS Industry Alliance recently announced the release of the 2013 Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Recycling Rate Report. This report is compiled from survey responses from 41 EPS manufacturers and independent recyclers in the United States. The report shows 34% of post-consumer EPS was recycled in 2013. An increase of 32 million pounds of post-consumer and post-commercial EPS was recycled in 2013, a significant increase from 2012.

This important report helps show the progress that is being made to reduce the impact that manufacturing has on the environment. Advances in EPS recycling and collection programs have continued to expand the opportunities for recycling EPS. In addition, the EPS industry fosters ongoing development of new and innovative recycling initiatives that will promote further EPS recycling growth.

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Progressive Foam?is just one of many EPS manufacturers that is working to continue to reduce the impact that EPS?manufacturing has on the environment. Our production process includes a combination of clean technologies that minimize energy inputs through closed-loop energy recycling. No solid waste is generated during the production of our siding insulation products, and no generated waste goes to the landfill. During the production of our siding insulation products, all waste is fully recaptured and repurposed.

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